Winter Balm: A Multi-Use Miracle

We created BRR! Winter Balm to save our faces while skiing during Vermont’s frigid winters. However, we’ve spent a lot of time with this balm and discovered other great uses making it a multi-use miracle. Here are some of our favorite uses for Winter Balm off the slopes. From hands to hair, Winter Balm to the rescue!


Winter means chapped hands and scraggly cuticles. Winter balm can help. The highly emollient and protective formula, which includes shea butter and coconut oil, will repair and restore. Apply before heading outside to rough spots and cuticles and again at the end of the day before bed and see the difference.


Everyday life can be rough. From paper cuts to pet scratches and more major sports-related wear and tear, sometimes your skin takes a beating. The essential oils in Winter Balm, like A, B, C have anti-bacterial and anti-inflammatory properties. Apply 1 - 2 times a day to affected areas to speed the healing process.


One of our founder Sara’s ski-related frustrations is what she calls “ski helmet flyaways.” Your ski helmet creates friction at the crown of your head, which can result in damage and frizz. You know those little baby hairs that stand straight up? Rub Winter Balm in your hands and then gently pat the flyaway hairs down. Again, use before and after skiing for optimal results. Also, try out the balm for intense moisture on dry ends using the same technique of rubbing the balm between your hands, then smooth on to ends.

Any other inventive uses you’ve found? We’d love to hear! Send us a line at or tag us on social @BRR_Skincare.