No More Dry, Chapped Skin This Winter | Introducing BRR! Winter Balm

You look in the mirror after a great day on the slopes. Ahh! You’re greeted with a reflection baring bright red, chapped cheeks. Come to think of it, your cheeks kind of hurt too. Having experienced this a few too many times, our founder Sara decided to create a salve for this ailment. The result is BRR! Winter Balm.

Sara realized she needed a multi-use product that could not only shield her face from the wind and cold while skiing in Vermont, but also replenish the protective barrier of her skin overnight before the next day on the slopes. On top of that, it needed to be formulated to work with sensitive skin. Sara had tried many of the “ski balms” already on the market, but was struck by the irony that for those with sensitive skin who need protection the most, the products themselves caused additional irritation or breakouts. The formulas also often felt greasy and antiquated compared to the skincare she used in her daily routine.

With experience in the cosmetics industry, Sara set about to create her holy grail “ski skincare” product. BRR!’s Winter Balm is a protective moisture balm for your face made with all natural, clean ingredients designed to shield and soothe. It’s formulated from responsibly sourced ingredients without any chemicals (like mineral oils or retinyl palmitate), then produced in small batches in the US.

Crafted by skiers for skiers and snowboarders, the balm comes in a stick for mess-free, easy application on the slopes. No more taking off your gloves to struggle to open a tin or jar. The tube also fits easily in your ski jacket pocket. Just apply your Winter Balm before hitting the slopes to any exposed areas like cheeks and lips, then reapply as needed throughout the day. For an additional skin boost, you can also apply at night to help restore and replenish the skin.

So what’s in this balm to help save your skin on the slopes? A blend of high performance botanicals create a shield of moisture to protect the skin. Some of the star ingredients include:

  • Sunflower Seed Oil: Combats redness and irritation; high in antioxidants
  • Neroli Oil: Fights inflammation and aids in skin regeneration
  • Clary Sage Oil: Calms red, upset skin
  • Geranium Oil: Reduces skin irritation; high in anti-inflammatory and skin healing properties
  • Candelilla Wax: Used as a vegan alternative to beeswax

The full ingredient list can be found here.

We’ve also discovered some other great uses for Winter Balm as we’ve tested it out from healing minor skin irritations to fixing scraggly cuticles making it a multi-use miracle.

So give it a try this winter and we’ll see you on the slopes!